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Pearl River is the industry-leading piano manufacturer.  

Here are the reasons why this is the World's Best-Selling Piano:


Pearl River has total control over the manufacturing process, from selecting the lumber to the final regulation. This ensures a high standard of quality and consistency throughout the line.


Only the best, hand-selected and kiln-dried woods are used, including hardwood Maple for the grand piano rims, Hard Rock Maple for the pinblocks, and Northern Spruce for the soundboards.


The finest, German-made felts are used for the hammers, resulting in quality sound and durability.


The facility is overseen by master production engineer Stephan Mohler, in collaboration with Lothar Thomma - the Swiss master designer.  


For more information about the design and materials that go into pianos made by Pearl River, please visit

We are a proud retailer of Pearl River pianos.  Our technicians visit your home to fulfill the warranty on any Pearl River you purchase from us, guaranteeing you the best technical expertise in the GTA.

The World's Best-Selling Piano

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