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As both owners are concert technicians, it naturally follows that, together with our staff of skilled craftsmen, Piano & Keyboard Centre offers complete repair and restoration services all fully guaranteed in our on-site workshop.


Besides generations of experience, our technicians have received extensive training from the Steinway factory in Hamburg, Germany. In fact, most concert grands in Ontario, Canada, are serviced and maintained by Pearl Piano.


Services we offer include:

  • Sound Boards - replace or repair

  • Bridges- replace or repair

  • Pinblock - replace or change tuning pin size

  • Bass & Treble Strings - replace in original size

  • Action - replace defective action parts, regulate wippens, flanges, hammer shanks, hammerheads, damper felts.

  • Keys - repair key frame felts, key bushings and key tops.

  • Pedal and Trapwork - repair and regulation.

  • Refinishing - Restore cabinets to their original beauty.


Pearl Piano takes pride in offering full restoration services to all types of pianos, including player pianos and antique key instruments.

All work is fully guaranteed including any work done on our large inventory of pre-owned pianos.

Our reputation is unequaled.



Past CLients:

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Propiano Company

Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

St. Lawrence Centre

Toronto Centre for the Arts


We have Worked with the Following Concert Artists:

Chick Corea, Richard Goode, Mitsuko Uchida, Andre Laplante, Anton Kuerti


We Provide Services to the Following Organizations:

CBC Glenn Gould Studio

National Ballet School – Betty Oliphant Theatre

The Granite Club

The Heliconian Club

Array Music

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