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According to piano moving professionals, the Steinway Model L, along with Steinway Models SM and O, is considered to be a "baby grand piano." That is, any grand piano below six feet long is considered to be a "baby." For the professional piano technician, "baby grand" is nothing more than a term of endearment (and sometimes a term of derision); all grand pianos are "grands" while "baby" has no purely technicial meaning. Because there is no technically veridical meaning to the term beyond designating length, some piano technicians will instead refer to the Steinway Model L as Steinway's "smallest concert grand."


Non-Steinway sales personell will sometimes tell their prospective buyers that a "true grand piano" has to be at least six feet long. Anything short of six feet, they say, will surely have sound and design limitations. But, this is not the case with Steinway. Steinway builds four models that are below six feet, including the Model L. And they do so because the company knows how to build smaller grand pianos in such a way that does not compromise quality of sound. It is true that a Steinway L will not be able to match the depth and volume of a Steinway BC or D, but the design of each Steinway model has a particular intention.


Because the Steinway L produces the beautiful tone, volume, touch and control of a concert grand, A bold bottom end, clean, crisps top end with warm and complex midrange. 

Many professional pianists choose this model for their "home" and/or practice piano.


In Stock:

Serial No: 347872

Year: 1955, New York

Satin Ebony



Highlights (Rebuilt in 1999)


Structural & Cabinetry

  • Original cabinet finish

  • Original Steinway soundboard and pinblock

  • New bass strings



  • New premium Steinway hammer shanks

  • Keyboard & Action regulated to Steinway specifications


Warranty: 10 years parts & 5 years labour

Package included : Bench, Delivery, and Free Tunning 




Serial No: 320883

Year: 1946, New York

Durable High Gloss Polyester

Poshed Mahogany 



Structural & Cabinetry

  • Complete cabinet restoration

  • Original Steinway soundboard and pinblock

  • New hand-notch bass & violin hardrock maple bridge top caps

  • New bass & tenor combination agraffes

  • New premium German Heller Strings

  • Completely re-bronzed lacquered cast-iron plate

  • Polished Ivory Key Tops



  • New premium German Renner Steinway hammers , shanks, and repetiions

  • Complete damper restoration using genuine Steinway damper felts and regulated to Steinway specificaitons

  • Keyboard & action regulated to Steinway specifications



Warranty: 10 years parts & 5 years labour

Package included : Bench, Delivery, and Free Tunning 



Steinway Model L


Length: 5'10'' (180cm)

Width: 57 3/4'' (146.5cm)

Net Weight : 616lbs (280kg)


Model L
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