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The Yamaha C3 grand piano is the best-selling and most-recorded piano in the world. The incomparable tone and legendary playability of the C3 have graced stages and performance theaters worldwide. From the stunning elegance of the polished ebony finish, to the mellow sustain and sonic complexity, the Yamaha C3 represents the pinnacle of performance, tonality, and dedication.


Made from the finest materialsThe heart and soul of every Yamaha C3 grand piano is the solid spruce soundboard. Yamaha selects only the finest top 10% of quarter-sawn solid spruce for their pianos for maximum depth and detail of sound. You'll be captivated by the harmonic richness and incredible detail that could never be achieved with lower-quality laminated materials. The finest pianos in the world rely on solid spruce soundboards for maximum amplification, tone, and sustain - which is why you'll find it in every Yamaha C3 grand piano.


Elegant SoundTo maximize the richness of the solid spruce soundboard, Yamaha spends hours making sure that as much vibration as possible is transferred to the body of the piano. The crown of the soundboard in the C3 grand piano is reinforced with full-length ribs that continue to the edge of the soundboard. They are then glued to the inner rim on the grand piano for optimum tone and vibrancy. The extra reinforcement ensures maximum tonal quality and sonic depth that will last for years, as well as enhancing tuning stability for consistent performance. 




Yamaha C3

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